Drywall Installation
in Healthcare Projects

Hospital accreditation standards and life safety precautions make healthcare construction projects much more complicated. Drywall installation becomes a crucial part of the equation with multiple through-penetrations from life safety equipment.

The American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE) has set the standard for excellence in the healthcare industry. The society created the Healthcare Construction Certificate Program so that you can recognize which subcontractors are familiar with the sophisticated factors unique to this industry.

HCC Video Brochure from ASHE on Vimeo

ASHE Healthcare Construction Certified subcontractors have received intense training in:

1) Hospital accreditation standards (JCAHO), health department codes, and basic OSHA requirements unique to the healthcare setting

2) Security, privacy and confidentiality within the patient environment

3) Firestopping of the numerous through-penetrations that are present in a healthcare facility (Wall Systems is the only firestop contractor in the state of Florida that is both a UL Qualified Firestop Contractor and a FM 4991 Approved Firestop Contractor)

4) Construction risk assessment with the special hazards and precautions that are present in a healthcare environment

5) NFPA Life Safety Code & Interim Life Safety Measures

6) Technology Systems and challenges unique to the healthcare industry

So, why should you choose Wall Systems
for your next healthcare project?

As an ASHE Certified Healthcare Contractor, Wall Systems can offer you:

Increased Productivity—With our extensive healthcare experience, less supervision is required on the jobsite.

Reduced Costs—We are familiar with the industry lingo, the intricate technology systems and complex firestop systems, so there are fewer miscommunications on the jobsite.

Increased Safety—We have already been trained in Construction Risk Assessment including possible airborne, waterborne, and contact infection control issues, which may compromise patient care.

Reduced Patient Liability—We are aware of the special security, privacy, and confidentiality concerns in a patient environment.

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